Using SEO for E-Commerce


E-commerce SEO is enormously important to our organization as we were built from an e-commerce family of seven stores and started doing SEO in San Diego for other companies asking us how we did it. Two of our first few big content successes involved sharing the excellence we learned to wield for ourselves with the world. We’ve worked with everything from WooCommerce to Magento, knocking out SEO campaigns where the key to success is selling products. A big piece to niche domination in SEO for e-commerce sites is finding the right keywords. Consider relevancy, search volume and rank difficulty for home page and product page keywords Don’t choose words that are unnecessarily broad or have way too many competitors. You can search keywords in Google Adwords planner or a tool like aHref’s Keyword explorer. Similar to how a business that doesn’t have a tight niche will have a harder time getting traction in a market, if you don’t make your keyword targeting specific enough, you’ll have a hard time getting qualified searchers. You’ll also have a hard time if you target a market that’s already incredibly saturated — unless your product is so noticeably remarkable as to be undeniable. But, be aware, the threshold is much higher for a saturated market. High exact-match search volume + fewer competitors is a great formula to find good blog topics Just like you want to find the right combination of low competition keywords and high exact-match search volume on home pages and product pages, your content is no different. The trick is combining this consideration with terms a visitor who may have the intent of working with a company like yours, or may have that need in the future, finds useful or on-point. This way, as you build out content, you are reaching and servicing these people’s needs and questions (and potentially helping a future customer in the making).

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