How To Install An Electric Water Heater

A water heater, especially an electric model, is a very simple unit. Such convenience doesn’t truly extend to its installation.

A water heater, particularly an electric model, is a very simple device. Unheated water enters one side of the tank. The water is heated from a couple of electric resistance elements that extend from the side of the tank into the center of the water. And then on demand the water exits from the other side of the tank.

Unfortunately, such ease of use does not really extend to its installation. While far from difficult, installing an electric water heater does involve plumbing and electrical work, which might be enough to put-off quite a couple of folks. It shouldn’t. The abilities necessary for a task like this are perhaps not nearly as demanding as they are for other typical homeowner activities like refinishing furniture or growing a successful rose or veggie yard.

Plan your installation in writing first. This is a great option to lessen the number of fittings you’ll need plus the number of trips towards the equipment store to get the items you forgot.

With this job, we were replacing a tank and moving its area as an element of a larger remodeling job. If you’re only putting a new container in identical spot, you’ll have also much less work to accomplish. Start by removing the container from the package and reading most of the product literary works which comes along with it. Make sure to integrate any specific producer directions to your programs, especially if not performing therefore voids the item warranty.

Choose a convenient spot for the tank and place two or three concrete blocks on the floor. These blocks prevent damage from minor floods and make getting at the drain faster and easier.

Then, slide the tank in addition blocks ensuring to keep the drain faucet to the front side. Rock the tank back and forth slightly to make sure the blocks don’t move. If the blocks do move, or the tank rocks on top of the blocks, reposition everything till the tank is balanced.

Soldering copper tubing and fittings is truly among the list of easiest building skills to acquire. All you require aside from the tubing and fittings are a propane or Mapp gas torch we prefer Mapp gas mainly because it burns hotter and melts lead free solder better, a tubing cutter, some paste soldering flux, some pads of steel wool, a wire brush to clean the ends of the fixtures and some lead-free solder.

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